Troy Bell

President / Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Bell is a licensed NHA Administrator in the states of Montana and Idaho. Mr. Bell has been involved with purchasing and managing multiple facilities for multiple years. He is responsible for the day-to-day operational management of TanaBell Health Services Inc.

A few of these operational responsibilities include assisting administrators with budgets and forecasts, analysis of reimbursement rates and analysis of nursing home staffing, HUD budgets, and compilation and review of financial statements. Mr. Bell works closely with administrative staff at every facility and has developed strong relationships with these employees. His communication and leadership abilities have made him an effective supervisor and mentor for the administration at these facilities.


May Tan

Vice President / Executive Consultant
Ms. Tan works closely with each of the facilities to address and resolve significant quality care, staffing management and survey issues.
Ms. Tan, recipient of Leadership Award in her Nursing Degree, a former Director of Nursing Services and Executive Nurse with consistent survey success, is an expert in the areas of Patient Care Services, Nursing, and Clinical Operations. Ms. Tan has been a successful consultant in development of Clinical Software.

Ms. Tan offers enormous assistance in terms of her nursing, clinical, and staffing background. Ms. Tan has a unique professional style, which enables her to work very effectively with all facility employees, residents, resident families, community referral sources and licensing and accrediting agencies. She is a valuable resource throughout the company to provide guidance and assistance in all areas of Clinical, staffing, and nursing management.