Troy Bell

President / Chief Executive Officer

Troy Bell is a licensed NHA and RALF Administrator in Idaho . He has been involved with purchasing and managing multiple facilities for several years. He is responsible for the day-to-day operational management of TanaBell Health Services Inc.

A few of these operational responsibilities include assisting administrators with budgets and forecasts, analysis of reimbursement rates and analysis of nursing home staffing, and compilation and review of financial statements. Mr. Bell works closely with administrative staff at every facility and has developed strong relationships with these employees. His communication and leadership abilities have made him an effective supervisor and mentor for the administration at these facilities.

Mr. Bell has been involved in the Idaho Health Care Association as a board member and as the former President of the Association for many years.

Landon Taylor

Chief Operating Officer

Landon has served in several healthcare positions for the past 12 years in various settings from hospitals, home health, and finding his passion in skilled nursing. His initial role in healthcare began early working as a Physical Therapist Assistant in a skilled nursing facility, and with that experience, he later served as a Director of Rehabilitation. After obtaining a Masters in Health Administration he worked in hospital administration in Las Vegas, NV. Missing his roots in long-term care he returned to Idaho to work as a Nursing Home Administrator. His goal is to provide a top-notch experience for individuals and their families with a team that shares his passion to care for and serve others.

Tshane Bell

Chief Administrative Officer

Tshane Bell is a licensed SNF and ALF administrator with over two decades of experience in long-term health care, with seven years in multi-facility operational roles growing and developing talent and transitioning newly acquired facilities.

He began his career in the hospital setting working as a radiology tech, and then went on to pursue a license as a nursing home administrator to further develop clinically, financially, and culturally as a leader.  The mantra of “serving others brings joy” has inspired him to serve many elderly and disabled people in addition to a vast number of employees in the healthcare workforce. Through his passion to serve others, he has served on multiple boards including the Idaho Healthcare Association board for over 20 years in multiple roles including president. He was selected as one of the AHCA’s first “Future leaders of America”, class of 2004, and was the first in Idaho to receive an AHCA facility quality award.

Father of 6 children, Tshane has had the privilege of coaching them in football and lacrosse.  Developing winning teams on and off the field has been his lifeblood.  He is driven by helping individuals improve and develop their talents and abilities and in turn elevate the entire team.

Pam Borjas

Chief Clinical Officer (RN)

Pam began her career at a young age, graduating LPN school at the age of nineteen.  In her 31+ year career, she has held various titles in the Skilled Nursing Industry including Unit Manager, MDS Coordinator, Wound Nurse, Assistant Director of Nursing, and Director of Nursing. She has been the Regional Nurse with Tanabell for over 4 years, and now with the role as Chief Clinical Officer. She has a true passion for taking care of people. She strives to teach and lead our teams to excellent clinical outcomes.

Kim Bright

Regional Clinical Specialist

Kim Bright is an experienced long-term care Registered Nurse. She has dedicated her career to the skilled nursing industry. With each opportunity to learn a new role including direct care nursing, admissions, marketing, unit manager, and director of nursing her passion for this patient population has only grown stronger.  She is now a regional resource nurse for Tanabell and finds joy in teaching, empowering and investing in others to build a culture of compassion, integrity and loyalty to those we serve.